Unlock Greater Potential with Custom SoCs Built on Proven IP and Mature Ecosystem

Arm powered solutions have been supporting innovation for more than 30 years and are deployed in over 150 billion chips to date.


Whether you’re an established chip designer, new silicon start-up or an OEM looking to bring a custom SoC into your next innovative product, Arm can help you every step of the way so you can take your products to market faster while minimizing development risks.

Arm Provides Help at Every Stage of Your Design
Arm DesignStart

Why Arm for Custom SoCs?

Arm offers an industry-proven and flexible foundation to build custom silicon designs fine-tuned to diverse application requirements. We offer a comprehensive solution of CPU IP, reference designs, subsystems, development tools, and a wide range of software from thousands of ecosystem partners. Whether you’re a start-up or an OEM planning to build your next innovative product, Arm can help you at each stage of your custom silicon design so you can take your products to market faster.

Getting Started: Designing Your Chip

Arm offers many routes for accessing Arm IP to design custom silicon:

  • Arm DesignStart: Fast, low-cost access to a select mix of Arm IP and resources
  • Arm Flexible Access: Access a wide-ranging package of Arm IP, tools and services, with licensing due only at manufacture
  • Standard licensing: Arm has been providing a range of IP licensing options to the semiconductor industry for over 20 years

Outsource Some or all of Your Chip Design

Access a global network of Arm-Approved design partners with a wealth of experience in Arm-based designs to help with your design needs, even full turnkey solutions. No matter your technical expertise, you get the right level of design support you need from the Arm Approved design partners.

Considering an FPGA design? Access DesignStart FPGA

Take advantage of a faster-time-to-market, flexibility and
reusability with DesignStart FPGA. Access the Arm Cortex-M1
and Cortex-M3 CPUs for free and no royalties.

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Reference Guide by Arm Engineer Joseph Yiu: System-on-Chip Design with Arm Cortex-M Processors

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