Pelion Connectivity Management reduces the complexity that can be a barrier to scaling IoT deployments, leveraging more than a decade of M2M and IoT connectivity experience. Whether you’re an enterprise with grand plans or an MNO dealing with high demand, Pelion Connectivity Management offers the right solution.

Automate to Scale

It’s impossible to manually manage every connection when your IoT deployment spans thousands of devices, multiple countries and different mobile networks. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year the Automation Engine intelligently manages your entire device deployment.  

Automate your way to IoT at scale with Pelion Connectivity Management 2.0.

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Case Studies

Pelion Connectivity Management delivers value across applications, industries, and geographies. Read about some of our customers' paths to IoT success.

Remote Utility Management

Smart meter connectivity for SMS Plc.

  • Efficient and secure remote asset management
  • Reliable connection to all deployed meters
  • A single user interface for all connected devices, regardless of network connection

Improved Customer Experience and Safety

Secure and reliable 4G communications for Lothian, public transport.

  • Lower connectivity costs and reduce data overage
  • Reduction in manual site visits
  • Fleet equipped with 4G connectivity within 6 weeks


Mobile Telecare and Lone Worker Safety

Secure, reliable global coverage for Oysta.

  • Maximized data security with Private APN infrastructure
  • Global coverage with real-time connection management and IoT devices reporting
  • Reported savings of 65%

One SIM. Future-Proofed Connectivity

Remote SIM Provisioning lets you provision eSIM profiles over the air without having to change the device SIM card. Learn how this technology provides increased flexibility and improves network control for businesses deploying cellular- connected IoT devices.

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