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Arm Mobile Studio is a suite of free-to-use tools which help game and app developers to reach more of the mobile market by efficiently optimizing and debugging high-end content for all Android devices. It includes the Mali Offline Compiler for compiling all shaders and kernels from OpenGL ES, OpenCL, and Vulkan, Arm Graphics Analyzer for tracing graphics performance issues easily, and Arm Streamline performance analyzer, for a whole-system view of performance to determine bottlenecks quickly across both the CPU and GPU. The Studio can be used for standalone applications or with the leading Unity and Unreal game engines to maximize performance.

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Features and Benefits
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Poor performance jeopardizes the potential of the most compelling apps and games. Arm Mobile Studio is designed to bring free, easy-to-interpret performance insights to your entire launch team. Whether your creation uses next-generation graphics, VR, 64-bit or big.LITTLE, you get fast, engine-agnostic support for best performance on mobile—from high-end to mass market.

Efficient Optimization

When tuning your creation for the broadest market, don’t waste time getting familiar with complex tools and having to root mobile devices before you start. Arm Mobile Studio lets you use off-the-shelf devices, combining non-root access with easy setup, smart functionality and helpful documentation. You can start with optimization quickly, and target your efforts toward the biggest performance impact which give the fastest results.

More Speed and Battery Life

Spotting the cause of performance issues and battery drain can be an arduous task, but with Arm Mobile Studio, developers at every level can use simple templates to find expensive sections of code for CPU, GPU and even bandwidth, quickly and efficiently. Optimizing these areas lets you reduce the load on the system so that your creation runs smoother and consumes less power.

Arm Mobile Studio Specifications
Feature Starter Edition
Mali Offline Compiler shows performance and bottlenecks relating to shaders or kernels


Detailed application profiling with off-the-shelf mobile devices


Fully supports all announced Arm 32- and 64-bit CPU architectures


Access to detailed CPU and GPU hardware counters


Frame-by-frame analysis of OpenGL ES and Vulkan content


Enhance your profiling experience with custom code annotations


Debug and profile VR Applications



Optimizing Mobile Games
Using Arm Mobile Studio

Optimizing games and apps for mobile was once difficult and time consuming.
In this webinar, see how Arm Mobile Studio brings sharper insight to developers,
improving analysis of CPU and GPU data, API calls and memory bandwidth,
and boosting performance across all Android devices.

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Use Cases
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Analyzing the Performance of Unity Games

Streamline Performance Analyzer in Arm Mobile Studio provides a deep level of performance insight for Unity applications running on Arm-based Android devices. You can trace the impact of your code on both GPU and CPU performance to decide where to tune and how to reduce the impact of expensive assets. Use alongside Arm Graphics Analyzer for a whole system view of game performance.

Identifying Code Bottlenecks for Unreal Engine Games

The Graphics Analyzer in Arm Mobile Studio lets you trace Vulkan, OpenGL ES, EGL and OpenCL API calls easily in your game from within the Unreal game engine. By understanding how graphics affect your application frame by frame, you can optimize your Unreal creation for more devices and maximize the user experience.

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